Vorsicht vor Krampuskatze!

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I received quite a good response from my last post about Krampushund! But I also heard back from cat owners asking about the elusive Krampuskatze. Surely, naughty kitties don’t get a pass on Christmas, do they?

So, despite being after Christmas, I write today about Krampuskatze. The notion of what constitutes “bad” behavior differs wildly from a human to a cat. A priceless Ming Vase to a human is simply an object in a cat’s way, therefore it must be toppled to the floor. And being a cat, Krampuskatze also has a very liberal definition of “bad”.

But sometimes, even cats behave in ways that inflame the ire of Krampuskatze. Of course, this behavior has nothing to do with humans—why would a cat care about that? Dogs, birds and mice don’t count, either, No, Krampuskatze punishes cats that are needlessly cruel to their fellow cats (especially kittens). Come Christmas Eve, Krampuskatze spritzes bad kitties with the icy sting of his water bottle. Then he makes them wear silly hats or tiny sweaters. Because cats HATE that.

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