The Legend of Krampushund

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When our beloved cat passed away, our dog Ditko promptly exhibited some rather bratty behavior. Eventually, he calmed down and started acting sweet again, but recently he had a serious relapse. While husband and I went out for a quick dinner, Ditko sniffed out a wrapped package of chocolate-covered cherries from under the Christmas tree and ate ALL of them. Admittedly, the cherries shouldn’t have been there in the first place, but it was still a shock to come home to torn-up tissue paper and cherry syrup all over the carpet.

Chocolate is number one on the “Hey Stupid, Don’t Feed Dogs This” list, so I was convinced Ditko would soon join the departed cat. Fortunately, he survived the ordeal with only a bad case of indigestion and witnessing a freak-out on my part.

After his recovery, I warned Ditko that his snooping would earn him a visit from Krampushund, the pet dog of Krampus (the monstrous Yule Lord). Krampushund gives naughty dogs prong collars, or he swats them with a rolled-up newspaper. If he finds a dog that’s been especially naughty, he captures it with his net and carries it to his den. There Krampushund photographs said bad dog with a sign broadcasting his crime and posts it over the internet for the whole world to see.

Ditko’s response was a blank stare. Then he tried to see if tinsel was edible.

I should mention there is also a Krampuskatze. But since cats have an extremely broad definition of what constitutes bad behavior, Krampuskatze usually spends his Christmas Eve sleeping in front of the fireplace. Good Kitty.

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