Pressure Drop

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Hey Y’all,

Whoop-whoop! It’s another GOMP page this week! Looks like things are heating up for Gwen…

After a crazy June and July, my August has been a little quiet so far. Last week, Husband and I checked out the latest RiffTrax event. This time the gang riffed on the ’98 movie “Godzilla”. Man, I had forgotten how horrible it is. I vaguely recall seeing it in the theater (!!), but my brain totally blocked it from my memory.

To make matters worse, the sound was sorta messed up, so Husband and I had a hard time hearing the riffs! Which of course meant we were stuck hearing the actual film. I have soft spot for “movies so bad they’re good”, but “Godzilla ’98” is not that movie. It’s hard to believe the thing grossed $387 million on its release.

Take care,