My Funny Valentine

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Hey Y’all.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Pardon the late update, but you would not believe the week I had! First off, it snowed in Atlanta again, pretty much shutting down the city for three weekdays. Then I needed to finish my art for the book, The Sakai Project: Artists Celebrate Thirty Years of “Usagi Yojimbo” ASAP!

So, in order to get ahead, I called upon my colorist to take on this page. But then he suddenly found himself taking care of four sick kids AND a sick wife! Next thing I know, it’s Friday and I’m without a final colored page. AUGH!

But somehow I managed to finish it. Why? Because it’s my Valentine to you, Dear Readers! Yep, I wanted to show my love to you for supporting Monster Paradise and spreading the good word. I hope you had a Valentine’s Day a little less…challenging than mine!

Take care,

P.S. If you’d like to show some more love to a great comics artist, please support Stan Sakai! He really is one of the sweetest and consistently entertaining comic storytellers. Plus, he and his family could really use the support. We love you, Stan!