Interlude for a Monster

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Hey Y’all!

I’m taking another brief respite as I gear up for Chapter Three and recuperate from Atlanta’s Snowmeggeddon ’14. By the way, for any readers either confounded or amused on how a major city could shut down after a few paltry inches of snow, this wonderful article by Rebecca Burns can explain better it that I ever could.

But I digress! Instead, here’s a little more about some Monster Paradise history…

In my last Interlude, I talked about my werewolf sketches. As a big fan of werewolves, I really enjoyed drawing this cartoony creation of mine. But what do to with him? Drawing cartoons about a werewolf hanging out in tiki bars would be cute, but a pretty thin premise. But I didn’t really worry to much about it.

Then I drew the sketch above. Initially I drew it for the sole purpose of practicing my coloring in Photoshop, but I really liked it a lot. It had a more somber, wistful feeling to it. Poor werewolf—gazing out onto the ocean as he daydreams about a girl he no doubt misses…

But then I thought, “What if the girl misses him as much as he misses her?” And that’s when the seed of Monster Paradise was planted…

Take care,