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Hey Y’all! I’m taking brief respite from the strip this week as I gear up for Chapter Two. But I thought it might be fun to post this very early drawing of Barry, as well as a brief chapter of the Monster Paradise history while you wait…

A favorite haunt for me and my husband is the glorious restaurant, Trader Vic’s, renowned for its tropical/tiki/exotica vibe. After a few rounds of my fave TV drink, the Bahia, I tend to draw some pretty self-indulgent things. In 2004, inspired by Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London” (look up the lyrics to know why) as well as the general ambiance, I sat at the Trader Vic’s bar and sketched on a cocktail napkin a very sly, wolfy-looking fellow decked out in a Hawaiian shirt. I liked the final result very much and thought the character had great potential, but that may have been the Bahias affecting my befuddled brain.

Later, I could not find my napkin sketch. Aah, but that’s what those drinks at Trader Vic’s will get you! So I recreated it the best I could, coloring the final result in Photoshop. During the course of the next few weeks, I found myself sketching this werewolf more and more. Slowly but surely, as he evolved a bigger idea was beginning to form…

Well, there’s still plenty of Monster Paradise history to tell (such as it is), but the future has better surprises in store! Check out the beginning of Chapter Two out next week!

Take care,