Hot Night Crash

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Hey Y’all,

Oh, Volker—will you ever win?

In this weird and wild economy, it’s silly to complain, but man— full-time work is exhausting for a night owl like me! It’s been many years since I’ve worked a nine-to-five job. For most of my career, I’ve either worked part-time or freelanced. Of course, neither allowed for a generous and/or steady paycheck, but I did have the benefit of a flexible schedule. Drawing until two in the morning? No problem! Go to the the grocery store when everybody else is at work? Why not?

Of course, I can’t get away with it now. But fortunately, my new gig does allow for lots of cartoony drawing, which is quite the benefit in its own right. And the other perks are nice, too—you know—crazy stuff like health insurance and a retirement plan. Ask most artists about their 401K and you may get a blank stare, followed by bitter tears.

Take care,