Hello, Hello, I’m Back Again!

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Hey Y’all,

Wow, it’s been a looong time, hasn’t it? I normally avoid writing posts that are too long or too personal. I prefer that GOMP be a more cheery, fun-loving place on the series of tubes. But I feel obligated to let you good GOMP fans why I was out of commission for so long, so here goes…

The day after my husband’s birthday in August, he was given “Voluntary Severance” package from his employer. Although the offer was pretty generous, it also meant he would be out of a job within a year. This proved to be a tough situation for us, since my husband has usually been the primary bread-winner in our household. What can I say—most cartoonists generally don’t make a ton of money.

Fortunately, I’ve been contracting for Cartoon Network for the better part of the year and they were looking for a full-time illustrator to join their staff the same time the severance packages were in action. Ironically, this is same job position I had over five years ago before being terminated. So I put GOMP aside to work harder at CN, proving my worth. I also took on extra freelance to sock away more emergency cash.

I got lucky! I was hired (or rehired, really) by CN this November. After months of stress, my husband and I are finally able to breathe a little easier.

Now I’m sure some of you GOMP fans are thinking, “Well, that’s all well and good, but what about GOMP, you crazy, flaky broad?!” Well, the truth is a full-time art job not only sucks up a lot of my spare time, but a lot of creative energy. There’s not always a lot left over when after a hard day’s work, fighting Atlanta traffic, doing the chores, etc.


The one nice thing about my job is more money. One reason my GOMP updates were spotty for the past several months is that I’d been doing everything myself—my freelance gigs weren’t paying enough for me to pay my colorist. But now I can rehire the intrepid Kevin MacKenzie and get things back on track!

Also, it’s very important to me to finish my current storyline. My goal has always been to make a book of GOMP and I’m not that far away—there’s only one more chapter after this one. After that, I’m not sure what I will decide, but I’m determined to complete this story! And I want to reassure you fans of that.

Thanks for all the support and patience. I know it’s frustrating and disheartening when your favorite comic just sorta disappears without any explanation. It happens all the time! But you have promise from me that GOMP will all wrap up. And who knows? There may even be more!

Thanks and take care,