Bavarians At The Gate!

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Introducing Volker Von Volker, monster hunter extraordinaire! Or rather, monster hunter unvergleichlich! I’m not sure if the translation is correct, but I’m sure my German friends will let me know it it’s not 🙂

Speaking of German friends, Volker is named after an editor I know. When we were introduced, I’d never—and I do mean NEVER—heard the name “Volker” before and thought it was perhaps the most masculine name ever. It seemed very fitting to not only give my monster hunter the name “Volker”, but to give him the name twice. Double the machismo! Of course the irony of all this is the real Volker, despite his somewhat intimidating appearance, is a very kind and funny man. Call it artistic license.

But now with Volker on the scene you can expect things on Monster Paradise to really start heating up!

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