So Much For Answered Prayers

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Now that the holidays are over, it would seem there’s nothing interesting about today’s date. Not so! On January 11, Amelia Earhart became the first person to fly solo from Hawaii to California in 1935. Later in 1937, Earhart disappeared during her attempt to be the first woman to fly around the world. Said Earhart, […]

Lonely Sea

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Hey everybody, it’s that time of the week again! Obviously, as far as drawing comics go, GOMP is my pride and joy. But if you’re interested in some of my other comics work, check out my short story in the latest issue of SpongeBob Comics #16. I’ve been a SpongeBob fan since 1999, but was […]

Dignity, Schmignity

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Introducing Emiko! In Japanese, the name Emiko means “smiling child”. Clearly, Emiko’s parents have quite the sense of humor. Emiko also shares her name with Emiko Yamane, the archeologist’s daughter in GODZILLA (1954). Actress Momoko Kochi, who played Emiko Yamane, reprised her role in Tako Okawara’s GOJIRA VS. DESTROYER (1995). Director Okawara was impressed with […]

Like Yoko, But More So

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Happy February, everybody! Hope your Friday is going a little better than mine. I’m currently nursing a sore eye (no, I didn’t stick a pencil in there–give me some credit). But the doctor thinks it will be fine in three days or so. Remember, kids: it’s only fun ’till somebody loses an eye! But I […]

Up From The Depths…

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Could it be? Why, yes—MONSTER PARADISE has a new look! Many thanks to my pal John Lotshaw for helping me redesign the site. And come back next week for a BIG reveal! Take care, Steph


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Ooh, I’ve really been looking forward to uploading this page! Introducing Gattameiti, resident giant monster, protector and cranky old guy of Monster Paradise. It’s a good thing Emiko keeps him in line. Standing at 25 stories, Gatta would be a little smaller that Godzilla. So while he’s not the King of the Monsters, he’s certainly […]

Shoot The Curl!

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Gwen just loves The Honeys! Heck , we ALL should love The Honeys! This 60s girl group were kind of the female counterparts to the Beach Boys. So much so, in fact, that Beach Boy Brian Wilson served as their record producer and chief songwriter. As much fun as their song “Shoot The Curl” is, […]

Queen of the Surf Guitar

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Man oh man, I’ve sure been busy lately! I have a lot of paying gigs I’m working on, which I hope to announce in the near future. Plus, there’s a new furry friend in our household who comes with his own challenges. But when things settle down, I’ll be able to draw more Monster Paradise–in […]

Wipe Out!

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Oh, Barry, everybody knows werewolves can’t surf! And speaking of wipe outs, here are a few fun facts about “Wipe Out”, the ever-popular instrumental by The Surfaris… –“Wipe Out” has been featured in over 20 films and television series since 1964, appearing at least once a decade (this includes both the Surfaris’ version as well […]

Hail, Hail, The Gang’s All Here

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Introducing Monster Paradise’s resident gear heads–Chevelle and R.T.! For added enjoyment, imagine the Modern Lovers’ song “Roadrunner” blasting from Chevelle’s dashboard radio right now. Those with a discerning eye may figure out that R.T. is inspired by a long line of Hot Rod monsters such as Rat Fink, Mr. Gasser, Digger and Endsville Eddie. For […]