A Three-Minute Tour

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Hey y’all and welcome to my first personal venture into the webcomics realm, GIRLS OF MONSTER PARADISE!  It’s an all-ages comic about an island full of monsters and girls who DON’T want to be rescued from said monsters.  There will be surfing, giant tiki monsters and silly, spooky fun for everyone. But wait–there’s more!  After […]

And So It Begins…

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Welcome to another week of Monster Paradise! There would have been an update last week, but I don’t stay wired while on vacation. But lookie here–could it be? The start of an actual story?? Oh, the intrigue! For added enjoyment, imagine the dialogue being loudly narrated by James A. Fitzpatrick. Take care, Steph

Who Goes There?

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Happy Black Friday and welcome back, everybody! Whether you braved the shopping crowds and wrestled with soccer moms over the latest deals, or you’ve just awakened from your turkey coma, I’m glad you dropped by. I’m celebrating the holiday the way the Pilgrims intended–by drawing comics of monsters! Take care, Steph

Biff Bang Pow!

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Welcome to another Friday of Monster Paradise! I hope you’re enjoying it so far–especially now that crazy stuff is happening! And speaking of crazy stuff happening, is it really the last day of November already? Yeesh, I need to catch up on my Christmas specials…

Werewolf By Day AND Night

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It’s Pearl Harbor Day, everybody! And it’s also my mom’s birthday. When we were kids, my brother and I would remind her it was a “date which will live in infamy”. Yeah…she loved that. Happy Birthday, Mom! And speaking of sneak attacks, things aren’t looking so good for Gwen. Tune in Next Friday to see […]

Remember That Dave Clark Five Song?

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Another Friday, another Monster Paradise page. Huzzah! Oh, c’mon now–you didn’t really think Barry would hurt Gwen, did you? He’d never do anything like that…to HER. Thanks for checking it out and keep on linking to it! Take care, Steph

A Case of Soreloseritis

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Gwen really shouldn’t pout like that–Santa is watching. I’ll be visiting family for the holiday week, but I still plan to post Monster Paradise for all you good girls and boys. Take care, Steph

Mele Kalikimaka!

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Merry Christmas from Monster Paradise, everybody! Did Santa bring you everything on your list, or were you given season’s beatings by Krampus this year? Really? Well then, you should try harder next year! Happy Holidays, Steph

Let’s Go Trippin’!

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Ah, nothing like surfing–right before New Year’s! Fun fact: summers in Australia are from December to February. So surf’s up for our neighbors Down Under! Take care, Steph

Pray For Surf

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Happy 2013, ever’body! This year my biggest resolution is to keep drawing these crazy monster comics. With any luck, I’ll keep this resolution better that last year’s: remembering to water the houseplants. Forgive me, pineapple plant! We hardly knew ye. Take care, Steph