The Rocker Girl Next Door

Gwen is generally a creative, fun-loving girl. However, she panics at the thought of ever returning to civilization. Out of the girls, Gwen is the most determined to keep interlopers away from Monster Paradise.

Bahia Barry

Full-Time Werewolf

On the mainland, Barry is a typical werewolf—a human being who transforms into a vicious beast during the full moon. But on Monster Paradise, Barry retains both his wolf form AND his human personality and intellect (such as it is). Although typically carefree and playful, Barry is fiercely protective of the island’s residents.


The Gearhead

Chevelle is a tough girl who suffers no fools gladly. Despite this gruffness, she’s extremely loyal to her friends. She is also mechanically inclined and has created all machinery on Monster Paradise. Currently, Chevelle has a patent pending on a combustible engine that runs on coconut oil.


The Weird-O

R.T. is a strange and unnerving monster. He laughs at anything, anytime, even when it’s grossly inappropriate. His pride and joy is the Buggy-Boo, a souped-up VW Bug. R.T. speaks in a weird, mumbled slang that only Chevelle can understand.


The Hippie Chick

Fay is a naive and somewhat flakey girl, but always good-natured. An active pacifist, Fay abhors malicious behavior. All the island’s monsters adore her. Like Gwen, Fay is also intent on keeping Monster Island a wildlife refuge. However, her tendency to assume the best in people makes Fay too welcoming of strangers.



A big, hulking lug, Grunch can be toddler-like in many ways: curious, unknowing and temperamental. Grunch is unaware of his own strength and can become destructive very quickly. Only Fay can curb his rampages.


The Diva

Emiko is a very high-maintenance girl. She can be very snooty and expects others to cater to her every whim. Sadly, this haughty demeanor overshadows Emiko’s more intelligent and refined nature. Emiko’s greatest power is that only she can summon Gattameiti, the protector of Monster Paradise. With her loud, Yoko Ono-like voice, she awakens Gattameiti to rid the island of giant robots, evil monsters and timeshare salesmen.


Protector of Monster Paradise

Like most giant monsters, Gattameiti hibernates a lot and is rarely seen. When awakened, he is a force to be reckoned with. However, Gattameiti can be tricked into doing pointless bidding, such as bringing a department store to the island so that the girls can go shopping.